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  • Titanium Plated
Ear piercings

Cartilage Helix Tragus Barbell with Steel Star

This 316L stainless steel cartilage earring features a star shaped top. The striking star barbell will bring an instant twinkle to your ears.
Ear piercings

Cartilage Ear/ Septum Cut Ring D Shape

D Shape Titanium Anodized over Annealed 316L Surgical Steel Cut Ring. D shape huggie septum/ ear hoop rings featuring a micro precision design, a comfortable All rounder. Comfortable option for straight piercings, with the look of a ring. Cut ends are smooth and rounded for comfort.
Ear piercings

Cartilage Barbell Helix Tragus Stud Flat Top Opalite Gem

This lovely Opalite barbell features a flat disc top set with a  white Opalite gem. The stunning Opalite Stone is a naturally milky iridescent stone, faceted Opalite adds a luxurious feel to this beautiful piece of jewellery.